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What makes an Investment a Good Investment


It is strongly recommended that Todd Foley does not invest in Centagenetix. The company is very ambitious, however, it rests on top of an unstable foundation. When you see such a company that has ambitions in a commercialized setting, you must produce results fast and have deliverables on time. When the research obtains funding from an external source, then the work the company puts out must meet deadlines and expectations. Science done in a commercialized [...]


A Letter to a Friend: Is Gene Patenting Wrong?


Oh! You got me started! So being at a biotech school, I am well aware of this issue. Of course, the question is, can we patent life? And more specifically, can we patent genes? Of course, if they are a product of nature, then no one could claim ownership of it, and thus, not patentable. However, this all changed in 1980 with Diamond v. Chakrabarty. The conclusion was that if something was modified in lab, in [...]


Recap of my KGI Orientation Experience: Foreshadowing


“KGI takes the traditional science PhD program and turns it on its head. KGI prepares students for what they will face in the industry. In the real world, you have to have business, people skills and science to get a product to market.” -Dennis Fenton ( executive vice president of process development, operations, and quality at Amgen) It has been almost two weeks since I have started my orientation at KGI, but it feels like it [...]


My Last Day at Riverside: Not Merely a Means to an End


    I sit here on my last day at UCR and thus, I am compelled to write.   How do I begin to write about an opportunity so life-changing and so dynamic? Or more so, how do I start? I met so many great people here and I have met my life-long friends at UCR. I met friends who supported me throughout my college experience and I met friends who saw me as their [...]


University Experience: 100 Things That I Have Learned

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Here represents a list of the various things that I have learned from my experience at a 4-year college. Some are funny, some are absolutely nerdy, and some are downright serious.   1) Utilize the breaks in between the quarter to get ahead of your studies for next quarter. 2) Stay away from energy drinks. 3) If possible, ask for the syllabus before the course has even started 4) Do not engage in alcohol or [...]