Weight loss, Wait What?

Whether it is for health, or for attraction, losing weight is a topic that most of us have all probably encountered before. The truth is, losing weight is not easy. However, in the struggle to look good, many of us stress over methods of losing that weight. This stress may be good, if it shifts you off of your equilibrium and encourages you to lose that weight. However, if the stress is coming from other sources and from various loved ones, it may seem unbearable. There are a few things to keep in mind about losing weight and maintaining your body.

If you want to lose weight, try to take up the mentality that you are doing it for your health and not to impress anyone in particular. Being overweight is unhealthy in every aspect. It can be unhealthy physically, as excess fat causes your body to work harder then it should. Imagine climbing up the stairs with a 25lb pack on your back. Don’t you feel more tired than if you went without it? Now imagine if that was permanent on your back. Really detrimental. Although being overweight may cause physical harm, it also tends to cause emotional harm as well. By being overweight, one is subject to more ridicule and judgement then should be necessary. No, I am not saying that all overweight people have this problem, but I am mentioning that being overweight may add to the stress that one has already.


But it really is hard to lost the weight, isn’t it? I mean, it is much easier to gain weight than to lose it of course. Eating may give you pleasure if it satisfies your taste buds. No excuse on this end. I enjoy eating! If you truly want to lose weight, read about diets or find workouts, then you can browse tons of websites online. Thus, I will not go into that here. Instead, I will focus on how to deal with the pressure of losing weight and how to bend the stress involved with being overweight.

The goal of weight loss is a concern that both males and females feel equally. Well, perhaps from a male point of view, it may seem that women are more conscious of their weight, but either can be true. Nonetheless, being overweight sucks. I am sure, that as college students, it may seem really difficult to lose the weight. I know, the foods available and the freedom is not like anything that we have seen before. However, it is without saying that you should eat healthy. It seems so obvious but yet, it is so difficult. This is all due to discipline and stress level.

As a college student, it may seem difficult to find the time to eat healthy instead of eating out. This is definitely true. It is much easier to eat out than to make something of great quality or find the time to exercise. I know this as well. I was a high school football player and bodybuilder back in the days. I tell you, it is impossible to lead that same lifestyle again. Why? Is it a lack of motivation? Is it the lack of drive? No. Honestly, it is the lifestyle that I have chosen to live. I am a student so my life exists inside the library. As an academic, it is extremely difficult to go to the gym. I am able to walk a lot because I have to walk to campus and what not, but still, to find the time to go to the gym, its something else. And even if I did, I would feel so fatigued afterwards. Why the heck would I want that? I think about it and it is clear. It is more useful for me to stay awake and read another paragraph rather than sleep early from a fatigued workout.


Me in High School, exuberant to make a tackle. Boy, what I would give to play another game like that today…


However, the time devoted to exercise is not without its benefits. By working out or playing a game of your favorite sport, you are able to relieve your stress and bend it completely. And hey, who knows. Maybe the fact that you can sleep earlier after exercising is a good thing for you. Try it out and see for yourself.

Okay, now we got the exercise in. But what about the food we eat. Does it really make a difference if we eat horrible food? You don’t even need me to say the answer, it is clear to anyone who has ever thought about their health before. I have mentioned before that I rarely have time to exercise in the school year because I devote most of my time and energy to my studying. However, there is another way to stay thin and even lose weight. This is reducing your meal intake. Of course, common sense tells us that if we eat less, then we would burn more fat than gain it. For me, this works the best. Instead of exercising often, I watch my intake to make sure I do not get overweight. It works well and hey, you can still study! No need to stress, unless the thought of a cheeseburger you cannot eat stresses you…

But be careful friends! I don’t want to hear from you in the comments section below that you have tried starving and you feel even more stressed and even a little sick! Be safe!

So how does stress play into this? How does bending the stress help? Well, first of all, if you stop stressing, then you will feel absolutely confident that you can succeed. So what if you can’t run a mile now. Set goals. The undetermined person will say, “I cannot run a mile, so I guess I wasn’t made for it.” These people need to stop being lazy! You can do it! If you cannot run a mile today, then run 100 yards. The next day, run 200. Then 300, 400, and so on. I guarantee you that if you start running, then you cannot stop. Set goals and work to meet them. Stop stressing about why you might be overweight, and do something about it! All it takes is a keen mind and a determined heart. Nothing can stop this…

And another thing, I strongly suggest that you guys stop reading your scales! A scale tells weight, which is ¬†just the amount of force due to gravity. If you have a sweater on, then this goes to weight. But obviously, your fat content did not increase nor decrease. But here is an even worse scenario. Let’s say that you start working out and exercising. You begin to build lean muscle and start shedding the fat. Think of the loss of fat from your body as a side to a balance and the formation of muscle as the other side. You may be losing fat, but you might actually be gaining more muscle. This is awesome! But wait, you go to your scale. When you step on, you are disappointed to notice that the scale remains unchanged in value or even went up. Remember, muscle by part would technically weight more than adipose (fat) tissue. So if you based your fitness progress only on a scale number, then you would be discouraged to see that you would “not be making progress,” even though that you would be doing so in reality. Do not trust a scale and make sure you know what the device measures before stressing about it. I suggest choosing a mirror over a scale to measure progress. If it looks good, then you are set to go!

Stress less and be healthy while you impress. Stress will do nothing for your weight loss. Turn your haters into your motivators. If someone makes fun or discourages you because of your weight, then take it with a grain of salt and motivate yourself to lose that weight. Try thinking of losing weight as a health benefit rather than a chore done in order to impress someone. As always, bend that stress and be healthier.

Trust me, your future self in 40 years will thank you…


Tackle your stress head-on!

Bend your stress and be healthy! Confidence Check: Nothing can stop a hungry heart and a dedicated mind.

About the Author: Kevin Kim

I have devoted my life to science and rational thinking. As a student in life's classroom, I am striving to learn something new every day. Graduate of UC Riverside, Class of 2012. Graduate Student at Keck Graduate Institute, part of the Claremont Colleges. Class of 2014 with a Masters in Bioscience. The track is pharmaceutical design and development with the ultimate goal of becoming a pharmacist who can also contribute scientifically through research. I hope that through my postings, people will no longer be crippled by stress and anxiety. Fight on! Fight Strong!

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