MCAT Scores are Up. Is My Hope up?

MCAT scores are up. I cannot do anything right now! The anxiety is killer, and my mind is a thriller. I am trying my best to forget it, but why? Well, I fear that if I did not do well, then I would be greatly disappointed. But why? I put so much time and effort into this. That is why. I need to bend my stress, but right now I am having so much difficulty!

Perhaps it was because my co-author, Kevin was writing amazing articles while I was studying for class that has not even started. He has bent his stress really? well and I must follow in his footsteps. But what should I do? I feel weak that I cannot check my scores, but really, it is so stressful.

Instead of asking why, I  should just find out why.

Once I know the answer, you will know why.

About the Author: Mohamad Kazah

I am a fourth year premed student at University of California, Riverside. Writing is not my forte but I like to write what is on my mind. I hope you enjoy it! Please comment!

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