Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

Steve Jobs

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Hard to believe it, but Apple co-founder and ex-CEO Steve Jobs has passed away. I feel an intense amount of sadness and grief after realizing that he has passed. His vision and creative genius was unparalleled. His team brought music to a wider audience. His dreams made computing much more feasible and attainable. No wonder Apple is, and still remains one of the most liked companies today. To him, every new product was revolutionary. The amazing thing is, it was for us too. The consumers. Sad to say it, but Steve Jobs is gone.

For about 30 years now, Steve Jobs and Macintosh offered us an apple for thought, half bitten by him.

I remember even at a young age watching every one of his Keynotes on my computer, being intrigued by the technology. And I admit, sometimes, I was more fascinated by the way he spoke than some of the products. I mean, the man was an orator. I remember using neon colored iMacs in elementary school to color and doodle on screen. I have to say, I got into computers late. Having bought my first computer when I was starting high school, it was a Mac. I never owned anything else, and never cared to. Somehow, Mac’s were so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to me. And I knew that behind this machine was an amazing team led by one man. Steve Jobs.

Every Keynote was amazing and magical to me. I remember watching every one of them over and over again. His enthusiasm was really, one of a kind. Sometimes after the Keynote, Steve featured great musicians and artists who performed as a post-presentation treat. But this was never a surprise. Apple was a medium for the canvas of life we live in today. Macintosh computers were an art. Even today, from the hardware, down to the software, it is hard to miss the great beauty of this franchise.

Although Steve has passed, his ill-health was no surprise to anyone. It was not a matter of if, but rather, a matter of when. His death is shocking as I type this moment.

I was informed by this event by StressBender co-founder and dear friend, Mohamad via a text. Is it any surprise that his phone to send it was on an iPhone? And of course, I received it on my iPhone as well. The fact is, I did not see the brand as just a company with great products to make money. I saw it as a new battlefield. A new game-changer in the world of computers. For me, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Steve Jobs was a creative genius. His magical charisma and showmanship could only be matched by his character. I always admired that about him. The fact that he has billions of dollars, yet he chose to wear jeans, a casual turtleneck and sneakers to all his events. Not a flashy suit or shoes that were labelled with conspicuous consumption. He loved his company, and he was a humble man.

I looked up to Steve Jobs, and I have to say, he was a great contributor to my creativity as well. I have an iPhone 3g and I don’t think I will update to an iPhone 5 (if there is going to be one), as a tribute to Steve. I can remember his enthusiasm when he released this device 2+ years ago. Will Apple ever be the same?

A future without Steve seems like a dark one, but this is what Steve would have probably hated. I am sure that he would have wanted Apple to grow further and further and excel in all they do. I am sure that he wanted Mac users to utilize the technology and use the platform in order to make new innovative discoveries to change the world.


His voice will never be silenced. Tribute to a great man, let’s remember that life is valuable and that we should not spend our time stressing over useless things. Let’s continue to bend our stress and stay strong.

A brilliant man, gone at such a young age. I sure would have liked to see the iPhone 10 with Jobs doing the Keynote.

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

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