Do not fear Failure. Have a Stress-less Examination: Update #1

It is the time for midterms and other examinations. Even though you study efficiently, you still feel overwhelmed. What can you do?

Don’t be stressed. The midterms are a celebration of learning. Once you are able to let go of the fear of failure and the pressure from a numerical score of your performance, then you can truly excel in learning the material and taking in the beauty of knowledge.

You only live once. Will you be proud that you got 10 more points on a midterm when you are 60 years old? Or will you be more proud of enjoying the material and being rewarded by the struggle you faced as a young academic?
“Train yourself to let go, of everything you fear to lose.” -Yoda
Confidence comes through achievement. Never let the fear of failure stop you from what you truly wish to accomplish.
Bend your stress everyone.

About the Author: Kevin Kim

I have devoted my life to science and rational thinking. As a student in life's classroom, I am striving to learn something new every day. Graduate of UC Riverside, Class of 2012. Graduate Student at Keck Graduate Institute, part of the Claremont Colleges. Class of 2014 with a Masters in Bioscience. The track is pharmaceutical design and development with the ultimate goal of becoming a pharmacist who can also contribute scientifically through research. I hope that through my postings, people will no longer be crippled by stress and anxiety. Fight on! Fight Strong!

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