The Importance of Sleep

Seems really hypocritical for me to say this, but here it goes. Sleep is important. Well, why would it be hypocritical? Well, for those of you that know me, I used to (still do at times) shun sleep. I think that opposite of sleep is productivity, and with too much sleep comes no productivity. Of course, logically speaking, without any sleep, you will never be productive. I know, I have been told that many times by everyone. However, since I quit energy drinks a while back, I have also quit coffee. I have also tried these caffeinated mints, but have since gotten off those as well, mainly for health concerns. I always knew energy drinks were bad, but I used to drink coffee like a boss. I am talking black cups of dark roasted coffee back to back, 8 cups at Denny’s style. Sorry stomach…

However, I can safely say, my friends, sleep is important. Read any medical forum or talk to any doctor. Everyone says sleep is important. Do you know why? BECAUSE IT IS! But somehow, I have a hard time getting that sometimes. Even now. I have tried many ways of sleep and tested various hours. Although I failed to see a major difference, I can safely say that it is better to sleep early and wake up early rather than sleep late and wake up late.


Without getting too confusing here, let me clearly list out the benefits of sleep and lack of sleep in a simple list:


Benefits of Sleep

1) Mind is refreshed.

2) Clearer mind leads to higher productivity.

3) Better for your health.

4) Gives the body a greater chance for recovery.

5) Decreases your chances of getting sick.

6) Keep the natural rhythm of your body.

7) Can wake up early.

7a, because 8 looks like this: 8) Reduce any headaches you might get, reduce stress and decrease the likelihood that you get tired later on in the day.

9) Possibly reduce caffeine intake which might have previously been used to help stay awake.


Benefits of Sleep-Deprivation (Personal Experience)

1) I am a nocturnal person so I find the silent nature of the night and the idea that everyone is sleeping makes me get more productive.

2) I seem more productive at night and when I am slightly sleep deprived because it puts me on edge.

3) Get to utilize more hours of the day, just so long as you do not sleep for the same amount afterwards.

4) This point is not a benefit, but heck, Edison, Da Vinci and other great thinkers were known to sleep very little!

5) Gives you a psychedelic experience comparable to LSD or other drugs, I hear. Can be fun for creativity experiments.

6) You can sleep when you’re dead, so why not work hard now! “Sleep is for the weak,” says Kevin

7) Wait, was the last one really a benefit?

7a, because 8 looks like this: 8) Okay, it wasn’t so I guess I am just running out of things say…

9) And turning them into numbered points. That is cheating! So I guess I will stop.


Really psychedelic huh? This is how I feel after not sleeping for a long time. Yes, I have hallucinated before due to sleep deprivation. Quick! Look away! Stress Benders is not responsible for any headaches or other medical related illnesses!


So for me, sleep is good, but I always try to mix them both! To get the best of both worlds! I do not want to spend my life sleeping but I also do not want to end up in the history books either! Sleep well my friends, I think I am going to bed…

Really tired.

I miss coffee… But I need sleep.



Good night everyone!

Bend your stress.

About the Author: Mohamad Kazah

I am a fourth year premed student at University of California, Riverside. Writing is not my forte but I like to write what is on my mind. I hope you enjoy it! Please comment!

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