10 Tips to Be a Total Bad-Ass Academic





Even under stressful situations, 007 always maintains his cool.






1 ) Relieve your stress and bend it before it bends you.

2 ) Take advantage of your time wisely.

3 ) Improve focus by not taking on too many tasks at once. Man has got to know his limitations.

4 ) Get adequate sleep when you must, but also forgo stress when necessary. Let me be contradicting: Sleep is for the weak. No sleep makes you weak.

5 ) Never underestimate the power of exercise and a good diet.

6 ) Always be prepared. Make sure you go into every endeavor prepared.

7 ) A sharp pencil yields a sharp mind. The pen is always mightier than the sword. Revolution in ink, not by vengeance.

8 ) Never let people judge you or determine your life. These people are absolutely worthless to you and should be considered that way by you.

9 ) Never let the opposite sex get a free night’s rent in your head. Human attraction and lust can be a beautiful, but potent drug for your head. Be strong when you must, and always be aware of the situation to avoid complications.

10 ) Always learn from your mistakes and never to regret. Behind every success are many branches of failures which support it.


Bend your Stress.


James Bond always stresses. Bond always bends it for the job.

About the Author: Kevin Kim

I have devoted my life to science and rational thinking. As a student in life's classroom, I am striving to learn something new every day. Graduate of UC Riverside, Class of 2012. Graduate Student at Keck Graduate Institute, part of the Claremont Colleges. Class of 2014 with a Masters in Bioscience. The track is pharmaceutical design and development with the ultimate goal of becoming a pharmacist who can also contribute scientifically through research. I hope that through my postings, people will no longer be crippled by stress and anxiety. Fight on! Fight Strong!

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