Why Work Out: An Analysis in the form of Small Viewpoints

This is a text message that I sent on why I thought it be useful to exercise while engaging in academia. I present the motives for exercise through various viewpoints.


Allow me to advertise this proposal through many views:

(Student)-It will help us study and ensure we get good grades though focus!

(As a sex-driven man) We will be getting all the women with our muscles!

(Scientist) We can use this opportunity to learn more about the physiology of our muscles and flirt with biofeedback mechanisms.

(Hubristic) We need to stay healthy so we can live longer and give our minds to the world. Our longevity is for society.

(Arrogant man) We can make fun of all the wimpy guys.

(Penis-Thinking) Women will donate their bodies for us so we can do first hand tests of Mendelian genetics with offspring.

(Economical-Thrifty) We pay for this anyways to UCR! (Nostalgic) We can build great memories before we leave.

(Darwinistic) We will be more attractive after this.


About the Author: Mohamad Kazah

I am a fourth year premed student at University of California, Riverside. Writing is not my forte but I like to write what is on my mind. I hope you enjoy it! Please comment!

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