University Experience: 100 Things That I Have Learned

Here represents a list of the various things that I have learned from my experience at a 4-year college. Some are funny, some are absolutely nerdy, and some are downright serious.


1) Utilize the breaks in between the quarter to get ahead of your studies for next quarter.

2) Stay away from energy drinks.

3) If possible, ask for the syllabus before the course has even started

4) Do not engage in alcohol or go to parties.

5) Learn to adapt to living with people different from you.

6) Always put in the effort to meet the professor as early as possible.

7) Go to office hours, even when you think that you have no questions.

8 ) Always be an active learner and contribute to the learning environment.

9) The best place to meet women are in academic settings (ie. library, office hour, study group).

10) If you are down-right focused on your education, chances are that the perfect girl for you is doing the same thing.

11) Always be aware of your school supplies and learn to bond with them.

12) Get books signed if the professors are on campus from your university.

13) Never be shy to read beyond the suggested readings in the syllabus.

14) Never sell back your book if you feel like it can help you in the future.

15) Always take the opportunity to help people if they ask.

16) Always remain humble, no matter how intelligent you may become.

17) Keep close friends close and make sacrifices for them when necessary.

18) Never be afraid to look down on someone because of their work ethic.

19) Never associate with useless minds that are at the college for the wrong reasons.

20) Keep a great amount of hi/bye friends and engage in conversation with them.

21) Never text message during class.

22) Keep your phone on silent.

23) Never be afraid to ask questions.

24) Always answer questions with confidence, even if you think it may be wrong.

25) Always lead group learning sessions and never be shy when it comes to education.

26) Be a great public speaker.

27) Learn to deal with criticism.

28) Learn to deal with constructive criticism.

29) Stay up when you need to, but sleep when you have to.

30) Coffee will be your new best friend.

31) Never inhale the smoke that others are giving off when smoking.

32) Do not eat unhealthy foods, even if it is the easy option.

33) Consider any fee/fine and money spent as an investment.

34) Do not sleep in class.

35) If you decide to sleep in class, place your pen on your notebook to make it seem like you are taking notes.

36) Record lectures when necessary using a personal recorder.

37) Buy a laser pointer. Seriously, it is freakin’ cool.

38) When it comes to peers, never look up to anyone and put yourself down. Unless he or she is a good friend.

39) Only talk to intelligent women. Seriously, dumb women offer nothing and are like dead weight.

40) Likewise, all your guy friends should be intelligent.

41) On the contrary, have a diverse array of friends. I have friends who I can speak quantum mechanics with and others that I can talk about arm wrestling.

42) Keep your iPod hot and full of good music.

43) If walking late at night, do not talk on your cell phone.

44) Always wish your friends well through test, email or person.

45) Always thank your professor with a card when necessary.

46) If you are in a research university, especially in the sciences, obtain a research position and stick to it.

47) Cup Noodles are sodium bombs.

48) Learn to work well with others.

49) Learn to be independent without getting lonely.

50) Never feel that you do not have the time to read good books outside your course.

51) Embrace your major, regardless of what it is.

52) Make sure you turn in your forms early.

53) Never burden your parents with your stress (guilty).

54) When it comes to graduating, graduate early if possible.

55) Stay away from humans giving off negative energy.

56) F*****, you still need physics even if you want to be a Doctor. (Idiots).

57) Learn to enjoy your learning.

58) Always be hungry.

59) Always remain curious.

60) Everyone stresses. Not everyone bends them equally.

61) If possible, work on campus if you can.

62) Stay away from things that will hinder your progress.

63) Never take cookies from strangers.

64) Learn to sway off solicitors. I use the Jedi Mind Trick.

65) Always be prepared.

66) Never skip class.

67) Never place priority for one class over another.

68) Always keep a journal.

69) Make sure that 80%+ of your friends are of a different race.

70) If you are not religious, then do not be annoyed by the religious fanatics that will pop up on campus.

71) Wood pencil or mechanical? I still cannot decide.

72) Play your musical instrument on campus.

73) Just because someone works at the University campus, doesn’t make them awesome.

74) (Controversial) If a distraction, remove your facebook account.

75) Always be yourself. I had times when I wore a lab coat around campus because I thought it looked cool!

76) Always use protection. Protect your pockets from ink spills and pencil damage by using a pocket protector.

77) Always make sure you are pushing the correct button on the vending machines. I wanted but I got tampons, TWICE!

78) Don’t feel the need to engage in a demonstration or protest if you do not have time.

79) Take naps throughout the day.

80) Always remember to bring your adapter if you are bringing a Mac to a presentation.

81) Always drink plenty of fluids.

82) Eat your vegetables.

83) Sleep is for the weak. But no sleep makes you weak.

84) Always be on time.

85) Never show up an hour late to a final because stayed up the entire night (sigh).

86) If a girl likes you, but you do not like her back, default her to one of your good friends.

87) From time to time, keep up with your old friends.

88) Be sure to take an ethnic studies course different from your own ethnicity.

89) Learning is power. Embrace all knowledge, even if it seems useless at the moment.

90) Keep up with your readings.

91) Take great notes in class so you can refer back to them later.

92) Always sit in the front row of the class.

93) The library should be your home. Study there whenever you can.

94) Prejudice is key at times. If someone seems like they will not add anything to your education, do not engage with them.

95) On the contrary, engage with everyone.

96) Stay away from extracurricular activities that are a waste of time.

97) Always have your destination in mind. Work hard to reach that goal.

98) Never think that you cannot achieve something because you really can.

99) Find help when you are stressed or depressed.

and of course…


About the Author: Kevin Kim

I have devoted my life to science and rational thinking. As a student in life's classroom, I am striving to learn something new every day. Graduate of UC Riverside, Class of 2012. Graduate Student at Keck Graduate Institute, part of the Claremont Colleges. Class of 2014 with a Masters in Bioscience. The track is pharmaceutical design and development with the ultimate goal of becoming a pharmacist who can also contribute scientifically through research. I hope that through my postings, people will no longer be crippled by stress and anxiety. Fight on! Fight Strong!

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