About Kevin

My life is devoted to science and gaining new knowledge everyday. My goal is to become a Pharmacist who can help people individually through my advice, as well as help thousands or potentially hundreds of thousands through pharmaceutical research. My mind is curious as I walk this Earth, and my mind thrives when I look up at the universe and see how grandiose and marvelous our galaxy truly is. Suddenly, as I think about the massive scale of the universe, all of my personal stress problems seem insignificant. My mind wanders about the beauty of the world I live around in. I can think about its elegance. I also love helping people. Whether it is academically by sharing the beauties of science with friends and colleagues, or through my services to the people who are suffering in any way. I lend out a hand to these people.

I love the art of pharmacy and the beauty that scientific discovery  can have in improving the quality of life of individuals. From the small scale of drug targeting via docking sites within enzymes, to the beauty that pharmaceuticals can have to an entire population suffering from disease, I find it fascinating and just thinking about it makes me smile enthusiastically. I understand that behind every solid Doctor, Pharmacist and the patient, there were people motivated to make a change by designing those drugs. I want to be part of that. Gone are the days where Pharmacists  are pushing pills and standing behind the counters counting tablets. In this day and age of scientific advancements, pharmacists are very integrated to the health care profession. I want to be that kind of Pharmacist. This attitude that have never diminishes from day to day. People are amazing and can do amazing things. I see people through two lights: one as wonderful, beautiful people they are with family and friends that love them and as biological organisms that can be benefited through science.

I continue to work hard for my goals, not because the destination will make me of any more of an excellent character, but because the journey and the struggles I face will ultimately shape my destination. Through my triumphs, mistakes and failures, I hope to inform you and help you bend your stress as I continue to do myself.

I live every single day with this kind of mentality. I am a man who does not fear failure and is willing to learn. Failure is the only way that great discoveries can be made. I am learning to bend my stress and be the best person I can be. The fact is, I have a goal in mind and no obstacles nor distractions will ever slow me down.

I have graduated from UC Riverside in 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. I am currently attending the Keck Graduate Institute, which is a part of the Claremont College Consortium to earn a Masters in Bioscience. My track is the pharmaceutical discovery and development track. The ultimate goal is to become a pharmacist that can research, as well as get involved in the clinical setting to help society on many different levels.