About Mohamad

My name is Mohamad Kazah, or mostly known as Mo, Mojamed, Momo, and so forth as you can see I have the “mo” factor. I am a pre-med student at University of California of Riverside. I have a passion and love for science and technology. Over the years I have gone through many stressful situations that I could not believe I had gone through. Whether it being preparing for the MCATS, studying for an Organic Chemistry exam, or trying to figure out what to wear to an interview for a potential research position. I already feel stressed in writing this about me page, I know it’s ridiculous.

My goal is to become a Cardiac Surgeon where I can do more in helping a patient than being a regular clinical doctor. The way I think of it, why should I find different diagnoses through a stethoscope when I can open up and see what is wrong? I know being a Cardiac Surgeon or any type of surgeon is a long shot for me. I still have a lot of things to go through a lot of blood, sweat and tears before I can have the Dr. in front of my name. But with determination and the support of my family I am sure that I can do anything that is put in front of me. Especially, when writing for Stress Benders I am able to bend my stress and to break through it. Having the passion of being a medical doctor makes me a very curious person. Everything I see, touch, or smell would always interest me in learning more about it. When I find a new body part for example the heart that I don’t recognize. It encourages me to learn more about it. I could never say “oh that vein looks ok”. If I do, it will puzzle me and I would just get a headache. That is why I would open books after books to learn more about it.

The strange thing about me is if you have met me personally you might think of me being a tech freak and not a potential doctor. That’s because I tend to talk more about computers than science in front of everyone. That’s not until I am with my “science” friends is when the talk of science overwhelms the room. I always get fascinated when new science topics arises such as the universe. I am amazed by how the universe until today is expanding and it’s getting bigger and bigger, and yet no one knows why!

I live every second of my life with my head held up high and feel proud at everything I do. I never see failure as an option. If I fail, I find other ways to succeed at the things I do. That is why many great discoverers use failures as an option for their success and not even stress can be affected towards their success!